Deformage Website

Corporate Website Redesign

Deformage Website


Year: 2019
Field: Web UX Design
Type: Individual Project
Role: UX Designer

About This Project

Korean glasses manufacturer Deformage counts as one of the most influential players in Asia’s eyewear fashion market. This project showcases the proposed redesign for the company’s online website, including a newly developed webshop and an improved page information structure.

Deformage Website Mockup
Deformage website mockup
Website Main Screens
Overview of the redesigned website 1
Deformage Screen Overview
Overview of the redesigned website 2

Information Architecture

Streamlining the usability flow was one of the core considerations to leverage the interactive qualities of the Deformage website. With the help of an overhauled sitemap, the page’s improved information architecture provided the foundation for a full-fledged website prototype.

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Deformage Website Mockup
Deformage Wireframes

Website Styling

The visual appearance of the website matches the timeless look of Deformage’s unique products. Through large images, lots of whitespace, and a prominent color scheme, the website embraces the rather minimalistic visual identity that makes the brand stand out amongst its competitors.

Deformage Design Progress
Year: 2019
Client: University Project
Field: Web UX Design
Type: Individual Project
Role: UX Designer
Landing Page
Landing page
Shop Product Page
Shop product page
Product Page Information Section
Product information
Product Showcase
Landing page product highlights



This work has been created as part of a university course at the Seoul National University of Science and Technology. Before developing the final website redesign, the project went through a variety of design stages, including a research and wireframing phase, the development of a revised sitemap, and the production of the final website prototype.


Deformage is a South Korean manufacturer of high-end glasses and eyewear. The company is most famous for its line-up of extremely durable products made from premium materials such as titanium or stainless steel. Because of its timeless designs, Deformage is often regarded as one of the most influential eyewear manufacturers in Asia.

Design Vision

The goal of this project was to revamp the online appearance of Deformage by redeveloping the company’s primary website. The home page of the redesign acts as the entry point to all other brand pages, which inform users about Deformage's products, collections, and other related news. At the heart of the website sits the new online shop, which simplifies browsing with the help of an enhanced filtering and sorting system.

Tools Used

  •  Adobe Illustrator
  •  Adobe Photoshop
  •  Adobe XD