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Loyal Germany

Application Design / Brand Identity Design

Application / Brand Identity Design

Loyal Application

Year: 2020 – 2021
Field: Mobile UX Design
Type: Individual Project
Role: Design Lead

About This Project

Loyal Germany is a mobile application that allows users to collect loyalty rewards for purchases at their favorite stores. As the team's lead designer, I was in charge of developing the company’s corporate identity, website dashboard, and application prototype.

Loyal Interface
Loyal application interface
Screen Overview
Overview of all application screens
Loyal Advertisement
Loyal advertisement concept

Brand Identity

The Loyal brand mark features a custom-made sans-serif typeface accompanied by a logo in dark navy, white, and turquoise. This combination creates a strikingly modern appearance that ties together smoothly with the design of the company’s mobile application.

Loyal Logo Mathematic Ratio
Loyal Logo Main
Loyal Logo Alt

Mobile Application

Inspired by traditional paper bonus cards, the Loyal application allows users to collect digital loyalty coupons at partnering stores across Germany. The interaction with the app is deliberately simple: Users can access all the functionalities of the application with no more than three clicks from the main page.

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Loyal Mockup Screens 1
Loyal Mockup Screens 2
Year: 2020 – 2021
Client: Loyal Startup
Field: Mobile UX Design
Type: Individual Project
Role: Design Lead
Loyal Wireframes
Loyal application wireframes
Early Design Draft
Early design drafts
Application in Action
The Loyal application in use
Application Mockup
Mockup of the application



Loyalty coupons that reward frequent customers for purchases at their favorite stores are a common sight across Europe. With Loyal, customers can collect their loyalty rewards easier than ever.


Loyal Germany started operations in 2020 before launching its first version of the Loyal application in 2021. With over 400 participating stores, the company counts as one of the biggest lifestyle service providers in Germany. Citing overwhelmingly positive user reviews and a rating of 4.8 stars on the App Store, the app has often been praised for its great usability and highly intuitive design.

Design Vision

As the lead designer for Loyal, my primary objective was to create a strong visual identity that could capture the high integrity associated with the brand’s name. This vision has also guided the development process for the Loyal mobile application.

Dashboard Website

Next to the company's mobile application, I also developed the design for the Loyal dashboard website. Hereby, the main aim was to create a visual language that matched the look and feel of the Loyal application in order to create a consistent brand media appearance.

Tools Used

  •  Adobe Illustrator
  •  Adobe Photoshop
  •  Adobe XD
  •  Adobe Dimension